Nye innlegg


    pictures: kaja-marie

    GOOD MORNING! Or not.... Hah. Seriously felt like the worst thing ever to have to get up at 06. Ha ha. Some mornings Im totally fine, the next I feel soooo miserable. I'm not really a morning person but at the same time I like to get up early and get the day started. Not at 06 if I don't have to, but you know what I mean right? I would much rather get up and get to work than sleep in and have to stay late to get finished. Right now it feels like someone just hit me in the face, ha ha. I feel so bloated.. Today is my last day at work before vacay so im really not complaining about anything at all though, hah. I'm so READY! I started packing yesterday and now I at least sort of have an idea of what to bring. Right now half my wardrobe is spread out on our livingroom floor. Have to organize it later today! Have a lovely friday, precious readers!

    Sweater - TOPSHOP, shoes - NELLY, turban - ASOS, clutch - 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, skirt - ZARA


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