v-neck party

pictures: hanne

HAPPY MONDAY! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was filled with friends and good times. Like it should! Im currently drinking my morning coffee while eating chocolate leftovers from the weekend, ha ha. Havent been home very much so havent had time to do my regular movienight while eating chocolate (I love having movienights with my, myself and I ha ha) so that means chocolate on a monday morning! Im scheduling this post since its so early so it will probably pop up around noon! I dont know if any of you even read blogs in the morning? Like, before you go to school/work? I always have to have a little time on my mac while Im sipping on my coffee before I go to work, so I automatically think that everyone else is the same, ha ha. On the other hand, most people I know just wake up, shower, get dressed and leave. I need my 15-30 minutes of relaxation before I get the day started.. ♥

leatherpants - HELMUT LANG, fur - RAVN, bag - 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, sweater - H&M, shoes - ISABEL MARANT, earrings - VINTAGE
  • 2015 APPAREL




Such a nice outfit! Love the sneakers!





Hvilken størrelse har du i genseren? 😊 Så fin, må bestille den hjem - men er usikker på størrelse.