P I C T U R E: M E (sponsored treatments)

Before I left for vacation a month back I stopped by my two favourite places to get my feet vacay ready. At S&M I got a pedicure, which is mucho importante for summer! It's so easy! I stopped by for 2 hours and BOOM, my nails are perfect for 2-3 months! ♥ At Wah Wah I got this treatment, which I think is something EVERYONE should do once in a while. My feet where so silky smooth after, I couldn't stop touching them (and I hate feet, haha!) I also recommend to get a cream for after treatment, and this is one is a gem! I've been going to Wahwah for 7 or 8 years now, so you probably know by now that I love them. I think I've been going to S&M for 3-4 years as well. I love them both!