MONDAY: On monday I broke the news that I just quit my job! It was an amazing feeling to quit and of course an amazing feeling to share it with the world. I've spent 7 years at Høyer, and really given it my all and more. At the end I felt I just felt like it wasn't the place for me anymore, and I'm excited to see what the future holds. I had a pretty relaxed monday, it felt so good to sleep in and just focus on myself, how I feel and what I need.

TUESDAY: It was time to re-do my nails! I've felt the need to just have short and red for a while now, and while that might be boring it is what I feel most comfortable with. Before my nail appointment I did some cleaning, washed some clothes and chilled.. A very nice start to the day. After I did my nails I met up with a friend :)

WEDNESDAY: I worked for a couple of hours, before I stopped by my mom for a nice easter dinner. It was really nice to spend some time with my little family again. We had a delicous meal, before we went to bed early and woke up feeling well rested the next day!

THURSDAY: I woke up at my mom's place, so we had a nice and yummy breakfast together before I went back home. After a little power nap and a long shower, I met up with Camila and Felicia for a little night out on the town. We went to Gamla where Hysj had an event, which was nice. I wish there opened a place which was at least 25+ soon, ha ha, cause I feel very old when 90% of the crowd just turned 22..

FRIDAY: On friday I had Hanne over for birthday lunch, since it was her birthday on Thursday! I made some delicious food and we just talked and ate for hours. Such a good start to the weekend! After she left I cleaned the apartment before I spent the evening watching the Beyonce documentary on Netflix.

SATURDAY: I started Saturday with working until 17:00! Since I missed a lot of sun hours, I spent the evening outside. I ate dinner out on my balcony which was amazing! It wasn't an action filled Saturday, but a very nice one :)

SUNDAY: I was looking forward to a sunny sunday, but the weather wasn't as nice as the previous days, so when I got asked to work a couple of hours I thought "why not"! After work I did a lot of cleaning on my balcony and I'm currently eating candy and watching Ex on the beach US season 2, ha ha. And that's actually all I'm gonna do for the rest of the evening!

How has your week been?