The perfect mix

This past weekend has been the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. I spent friday night at Sumo with the Cavour gang, and we ate so much good food! I was working on saturday, so I went home at a reasonable time and started satuday morning with a facemask and a lot of coffee. After work I met up with a friend for a what was going to be just one drink after work when I was done at 17:30, but I think i ended up going home around 22:00 (And after 4-5 drinks).. It was a good night! When I came home I was so freakin hungry, haha, so I made tacos and went to bed. On sunday I slept in, but I still woke up quite early so I started the day with watching netflix in bed while sippin on some coffee. After Kolonial stopped by with some grocieries I needed some fresh air so I walked to Grunerløkka, bought an café au lait with oat milk and just walked around in the crips, fresh weather. I stopped by a few vintage stores and just enjoyed my own company. When it started to get dark I went home and had a nice dinner and watched documentaries in bed for the rest of the day.

Today it's back to work, and I just got out of the shower and have to get ready. Off to a moody start, since I'm out of oat milk, haha. I think coffee taste so much better with a little bit of steamed oat milk...



For en fin helg! Ha en super uke <3