MONDAY I started monday bright and early with some emails while sippin on some coffee. I've tried for almost a week now to get my Instagram account back, and I have to admit that I'm losing hope. I'm heading to work in an hour, and after work I'm meeting up with some friends to celebrate a birthday. Lots of birthdays in May!

TUESDAY Tuesday is all about work work work. I have a lot of to do's that need to be completed, and also a couple of meetings. Not a very exciting day since it's all work, but it's still a very fun day because it's my job, if that makes sense. I like busy work days!

WEDNESDAY On wednesday I'm starting my day on Fransk Bazar, which is really nice. I haven't told you this, but the last months I've been working on the cutest vintage shop on the weekends. It really just started with me being there all the time, so why not work there? Ha ha. It's vintage interior, so really a good match and I can listen to beautiful french music while being surrounded by amazing vintage, french interior. After I'm done there I'm going to my mom's place to celebrate my brother. He's turning 40! So we are going to eat a nice dinner and just enjoy each other's company.

THURSDAY I'm working on both jobs this day. Nina and Didier, which are the owners of Fransk Bazar is in Paris for the week, so I'm holding the fort while they're gone. Can't wait to see what they come home with this time. So much amazing vintage! After I'm done at Fransk Bazar, I have to work a couple of hours on my other job. I'll probably do the get home from work, and eat dinner while I work some more-thing, ha ha.

FRIDAY On friday it's Norway's Constitution Day, so I'm heading over to my friends house to hang out with her family (including my precious favourite kids and dog) all day. I'm not in the mood to just be drunk all day.. Maybe I'm getting old. We'll see how I feel next year, might be just a phase, ha ha. I don't know what to wear yet, so I have to figure that out during the week.

Did you have a good start to the week, and do you have some exciting plans?