MONDAY I started monday with a trip to Stockholm! I'm was there for work, and I had two wonderful days in this sweet city.

TUESDAY Our plane didn't leave until 15:00, so after a little coffee and breakfast, we headed to our meeting first, then we took a look around the city! We're were checking out a couple of stores and just relaxing before we headed to the airport. When I came home I worked a little bit, made dinner and went to bed early after I moved everything out of the bedroom that getting painted on wednesday!

WEDNESDAY I startet my day too early because I just couldn't sleep any longer. I woke up at 05:00.. Which is somewhat nice, because now I've had to time to write two blogposts and enjoy my coffee without stressing. I hate stressing in the morning. Now I soon have to get ready since the painter is stopping by at 07:30 and I have a meeting at 09:00!

THURSDAY Thursday is a national holiday, so I would very much like to just take it easy and watch movies in bed, but that's not happening, haha. I'm meeting up a friend for coffee which I'm looking forward to, and because this week is already short work wise because of my Stockholm trip I have to finish up a little work during the day!

FRIDAY Friday will be a hectic day, and there is a lot of things that needs to finish up before we enter june. I'm very excited for june! Hanne and I are going on our first buying trip together for Cavour Woman and it'll just be an exciting month. But, back to friday. I don't really have any plans, except a nail appointment, which I now remember that I need to reschedule..

Did you have a good start to the week, and do you have some exciting plans?