MONDAY I had quite the slow morning, where I blogged, listened to some music and just relaxed a bit before work. There no secret that I feel a lot better when I take the time to enjoy myself a little. I will never be the person that prefers to sleep another extra 30 minutes and then have 20 minutes to get ready and ruuuun to make sure you'll be at work in time. I need to have a little me-time in the mornings to really be at top of my game. After work I'm going to try to squeeze in some yoga. I've really missed it, but haven't found the time so I need to make time. I'm not that busy, of course I have the time. I just haven't prioritized it, and to take care of myself needs to be a priority!

TUESDAY My bedroom is finally done today! So after work I'm spending the evening moving stuff in. I can't believe it's finally done. Ahhhh, I'm so excited! I can't wait to show you what color I chose and how it looks like now. I think I really, really like it.

I'm finally doing something with my hair! I can't wait! I haven't colored it in months, and it honestly does not look good right now. I'm going to my favourite Irina who works for Gevir so then I know that it'll be perfect. She's so good at what she does! After that I'm heading to work to do a little social media work. I need to snap a lot of pictures and just get a lot of shit done.

THURSDAY On thursday it's all work, work, work. Probably not that exciting, but hey, that's life. Hanne and I are planning on grabbing some pizza and wine after work though! Villa Paradiso, which has delicious italian pizza, just opened nearby work, so I'll probably stop by often when I'm working late, ha ha.

FRIDAY I'm starting my day at work and I'm probably ending at at my couch eating popcorn, ha ha. I'm working on saturday as well, so I have to make sure I get enough me-time!

How has your monday been, and do you have some exciting plans this week?



Så deilig med litt tid for seg selv, og alikavell så mange som ikke prioriterer det (meg selv inkludert)! Ha en flott uke og nyt frisør timen❀