weekly plans

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MONDAY I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to start on the room that's going to be my office right away after my bedroom but they were up for it, so this week they'll start on the walls and ceiling. I'm going away tomorrow, so I won't be able to see the process which feels sort of scary ha ha. But my bedroom turned out great, so I guess I have no reason to worry. I do have to pick out colors after work today to test them real quick. I think I have decided on the color on the ceiling, but I'm not quite sure which one to choose on the walls. I want it quite light, but not white. Not too yellow, but it can't have cold undertones either so it's a hard nut to crack. Do you have any suggestions?

Oh, and before that I'm heading to work. I have to finish up a couple of things before my trip, and also stop by Weekday to change a size. And when I get home I have to hurry up and paint real quick before I need to pack for my trip.

TUESDAY On tuesday Hanne and I are heading to Milan!! I'm so excited. We are landing around 13-14:00 ish and have two meetings before we can check in to our hotel and go get some dinner.

WEDNESDAY Wednesday is a busy day! We are starting the day with some brekkie to go around 08:00 and our last meeting is at 17:00 so I'm guessing we'll be done around 19:00-ish..! We are most likely doing take out and bringing back to our hotel while we finish up some orders and look through everything!

THURSDAY We are leaving Milan on thursday night, and are going to Pariiii! It's over a year since my last trip, so I'm sure it'll feel good to be back. Our plane leaves at 20:20 so we'll arrive quite late. Once we arrive in Paris, we are heading straight to the hotel to get a good nights sleep before a busy friday.

FRIDAY On friday we have three long meetings, and we'll probably finish up around 17:00 and then it's time for a dinner somewhere nice. We are also working on saturday and sunday before our flight home around 20:00! I'm sure it'll feel veeeery nice to sleep in my own bed again. Follow me on instagram (@linnseljesetcom) for updates every day during my buying trip!

Do you have any exciting plans this week?