weekly plans


what i'm up to this week

MONDAY So, I said last week that they would start on my office, but there was a delay so they'll start this week. It would have been perfect last week, since I was away but I'm at work most of the hours that they'll be here either way so it's all good. It was haaaard getting up today. I arrived at home around midnight yesterday, and if I didn't have meeting starting early I would have slept in a little longer. I've been doing laundry and watching reality shows while I'm waiting, ha ha.

TUESDAY On tuesday I'm going to stop by the my hairdresses! It's not very long since I colored it, but the color isn't excactly what I wanted so got to do it again to get the right shade. Other than that it's all work! I also have to unpack and wash clothes after a week away.

WEDNESDAY Wednesday is filled with meetings, and we also need to finish up some of the orders from last weeks buying trip. The stuff we bought last week is pre summer/spring 2020, so it'll arrive at Cavour around december-january. I'll show you pictures of my favourite items when it's getting a little closer. Things should be getting real close to done in my office, so I'm excited to see. On wednesday I need to decide what kind of parquet I want. I've actually been craving something dark brown, but haven't been able to find the right color yet.

THURSDAY Thursday is all work, work, work and nothing else! Most of the brands have deadlines on friday, so we need thursday to finish everything and look over our selections.

FRIDAY On friday we are sending in the rest of the orders! We have to book a work trip to Amsterdam. We are only staying for two days, but maybe some of you have recommandations for a nice dinner spot?

Do you have any exciting plans this week?