Nye innlegg



    MONDAY My pretty office is now painted, and now I only need a new floor and I think I've found the one I want. I was supposed to stop by to check it out after work on monday but they didn't have my two favourite colors in stock. I stopped by another store as well, but it was closed so it turned out to be harder than I thought, I haven't found anything I liked other than these two. They are also very different, it's one thats kind of dark and the other one is very, very light so I can't make up my mind.. Oh, and I can't believe we're in July already. My birthday month!

    TUESDAY Yesterday was all work work work. I've started working on the Woman department at Cavour.co and I can't wait for it to launch. We are not launching the site until the store has opened so it's a couple of months to go still.. I want to launch NOW! I just ate dinner, and now it's time to remove my make up and put on a mask and just relaxe for the rest of the night..!

    WEDNESDAY This weekly plans-post is coming a little late, since we're already mid-week. I started this day bright and early with a long shower, made my self a coffee and sat down. I looked up and see a huge spider above me. I HATE SPIDERS. Ahhhh, oh my god! I'm still scared, but after over an hour of not knowing what to do I just killed it with a magazine. I hate when they're on the ceiling because I'm terryfied that they'll get on me somehow.. So, that's the start to my wednesday, ha ha. All I have planned for today is office time! We are working from a coffee place tomorrow, just to get a change of scenery and do it a little bit more cozy.

    THURSDAY On thursday I'm going to the office alone since Hanne is going on a little vacation! I have a lot of stuff to do, so thursday will be all about checking things off my to do list before the weekend gets here!

    FRIDAY I have the day off on friday and I can't freaking wait. It's very much needed, especially since I haven't booked a vacation this summer because of work and everything. I'm just going to sleep in, do some pilates, go for a walk, stop by vintage stores, meet up with a friend and just enjoy life.

    Do you have any fun plans this week?


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