Okay, so it's been a couple of weeks without weekly plans, which is boring because the weeks where I haven't had the time to post is probably the most exciting weeks this year, haha. Last week I stopped by both Copenhagen and Milan, and I also met up with Hanne on Friday for a little wine and dine, spent Saturday at a Christmas party and then I had my mom and brother over for dinner on Sunday. A very good week!

MONDAY I started the week by shooting some pictures for Cavour Woman's some channels. I haven't had the time to shoot pictures in a long time so I'm excited to be a little creative again! I'm spending the rest of the day updating all the channels.

Studio-Tuesday! I need to shoot some of the new pieces from the pre-spring collections that have arrived, so I'm spending Tuesday in our studio! I also ordered a little sumtin sumtin, that is supposed to be arriving on this day. Cross your fingers! I'm so happy with my new purchase, even though it's "no big deal".. Haha,. I'll show you as soon as it arrives! I don't really have any other plans than work today, so I'm thinking that I can spend the evening wrapping up some gifts!

Wednesday is filled with a couple of meetings! After work, I need to do a little Christmas shopping. I also need to remember to buy more coffee, haha. I'm all out!

On Thursday I have to go through my inbox, to make sure everything is answered before I'm going offline for a couple of days. I'm also planning to meet up with a friend since we won't see eachother until 2020. Hah - feels so weird to say that!

Friday means Christmas holiday! I'm taking a few days off work to just relax. Like I've said earlier, I haven't had any vacation this year, so I'm excited to recharge and just come back with more energy and ideas! I need a couple of days to just NOT think about work, which will actually be amazing.

How does you week look?
Do you have anything fun planned?