How was your weekend? Mine was good! I've spent this weekend with friends and family, which has been amazing. I ended the weekend with dinner with my mom, we had a delicious pasta dinner with some red wine!

MONDAY Today I have a full day dedicated to social media, and I also have a couple of things I need to get off my To Do-list. I also have to start planning a photoshoot for Cavour, since we are getting a lot of spring deliveries! After work, all I wanna do is go home and sleep but that's just because I'm crazy tired now, ha ha. I also started off this week by placing a Zara-order! I love the sale at Zara, haha. I've found a couple of dresses, and most likely also the dress I want to wear for Hanne's wedding!

TUESDAY Tuesday means studio day! I'm snapping pictures of all the news that doesn't require a model. Cavour.co is quite up to date at the moment, so we'll see if more news arrives and if not I have to reschedule my day! I don't really have any plans besides work, so we'll see what Tuesday brings.

WEDNESDAY My new TV is delivered on Wednesday! I've been wanting a new TV for almost a year now, so when the price dropped on new years eve I felt like I could treat myself. I ordered The Frame from Samsung, which I think will look amazing in my living room. SO EXCITED!

THURSDAY The most boring but probably also the most effective day of the week. I'm at the office aaaaall day long, just making sure everything is done and every email is answered!

FRIDAY Friday always comes so fast! Right now Friday feels like years away right now when I'm writing this, but I feel like every week goes by so fast. On Friday I have to make sure I get some SoMe work done

Do you have any lovely plans this week?

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Please link your tips for the ZARA sale !!! 😉
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