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P I C T U R E S: H A N N E

GOOD MORNING, LOVELIES. It was a little bit cooler outside yesterday, so finally got to switch up my shoe game. I have a tendency to just wear sneakers and sandals when it's really hot, and I haven't worn these lovely boots in ages so it was about time. In a couple of months these boots will arrive at my department in GREEN! aaaaahhhh, can't freakin wait! They're like made for me, ha ha.

Today I have a couple of meetings, then I work on the floor and then I'm headed to a work out as soon as I'm done at work. A verrrrry, very normal day for me. Ahh, now I have to finish up my coffee and get moving! We'll talk more later

shorts - VINTAGE LEVIS, t-shirt - ISABEL MARANT, shoes - ISABEL MARANT, clutch - GIVENCHY, sunnies - KAREN WALKER, belt - IRO



The Trendique,
Looove your shorts!!! Definitely need a similar pair this summer <3 Love, Vanessa from www.TheTrendique.com