wishlist of the month

[show_ms_widget id="7370506" image_id="7626106" width="5120" height="3200"] (adlinks) 1. "peekaboo from Fendi HERE, 2. sweater from Isabel Marant HERE, 3. Balenciaga bracelet HERE, 4. jacket from Acne HERE, 5. "antigona" from Givenchy HERE, 6. Saint Laurent "betty" HERE, 7. vest from Isabel Marant HERE, 8. "bart" from Isabel Marant HERE, 9. croco perfection from MaxMara HERE, 10. pouch from Jerome Dreyfuss HERE

Some of the items on this wish list is pretty out of reach at the moment, hah, but a girl can dream right? Ive wanted a peek a boo from Fendi for some time now, and that green sweater from Isabel Marant is just so pretty! Quite similar to the one I already have, but this one is more baggy which is something I prefer. Mine is long and tight, and I always go for short and baggy instead. The Saint Laurent is a classic, and the MaxMara is TDF. Im not even gonna say anything about the Acnejacket and the furvest from IM; no words needed... After the worst day filled with migrane Im spending the night inside in my bath tub watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, hah. I hope you have a fun friday! ♥