yes or no: my new living room rug

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I mean, I just feel like it's so freaking boring?? I got the same feeling I did when I tried hanging up white linen curtains in my living room. It just looked odd? It might be because it's so much color that a neutral color kind of just looks off? I was hoping for the opposite, that a white/neutral would just slide right in and look amazing.. What do you guys think? Do I just have to get used to it, or is it just a boring carpet? Haha. I thought it was going to be way more fluffy, more like this pretty one from layered. I would actually love to just buy all my rugs from Layered, haha. They are so colorful and fun and pretty. And if it's just a white rug, they are SOOO fluffy! I love this, this, this and of course this.. Whæ, what's a girl to do?

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Fargerikt og lult. 🥰

Hei, jeg er nok enig med deg at det ble "flatt", og kanskje litt lite/ nærme sofaen? Enig i teppene fra Layered (og gjerne de mer langhårede variantene for å skape mer tekstur og dybde), de hadde virkelig gjort seg i stuen og med stilen din 😊