Yesterdays details

Yesterdays details

The last days have been busy! Every post have been written in a hurry and I feel kinda bad. Even though my blog is a job, its still my hobby and something I do because its fun. Lately I just havent had the time to do it properly, but at the same time I dont know how YOU feel. What do you guys like the most about this blog? Is it a good mix, or just the apparel-post? Im not going to get very personal here anyways, but I would like to hear your opinion? ♥

(I published this post yesterdays in such a hurry that I forgot to write anything... Bad blogger! Just wanted to update you, but didnt really have the time to write anything, ha ha.. So thats why its now published today.. :-))




Er det mulig å kjøpe den jakken i Norge? Ser at du bruker den masse, og synes den er så ufattelig kul!